Adhesive food label printing solutions


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The areas of application

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Adhesive labels and their use

Labels are used in multiple industries to add aesthetic value to a product and/or carry any kind of useful information.
Rotatek printing presses
are capable of printing simple labels, shrink labels and self-adhesive labels. They also give the printer the ability to highlight on their labels from the smallest detail to a volume and intensity of color that is not possible with other printing systems.

Rotatek is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality label printing and converting machines.
The presses designed by our partner Rotatek for the label market are equally productive and versatile.

The product range for the label market includes:
– Semi-rotary (Brava 350), semi-rotary and rotary (Brava 450)
– Combined offset-flexo rotary presses (Universal)

All products in this range are equipped with the latest shaftless transmission technology.

Adhesive food label printing solutions and the different combinations

Rotatek printing presses can process different types of materials to obtain certain types of labels according to requirements such as: Self-adhesive labels, shrink labels, in-mould labels, wrap-around labels, and white labels.
This versatility and high print quality make Rotatek’s food label printing solutions suitable for various markets such as food, personal care, wine, liquor, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical.

Label presses can be equipped with multiple printing and finishing technologies to achieve different combinations and achieve a high value-added end product.
The different combinations can be obtained with:

  • Offset unit
  • Flexographic units
  • Screen printing
  • Hot stamping
  • Cold printing
  • Embossing
  • Die-cutting unit
  • Printing on the back and adhesive sides
  • UV Lamination
  • Inkjet variable data
  • Peel and reseal
  • Flat sheet printing
  • Flatbed screen printing
  • Flat-base embossing
  • UV dryers
  • Motorized inking control system
  • Automatic register check
  • Video camera
  • 100% total inspection
  • Cooling rollers
  • Crown treatment