Automatic bag packaging


Special solutions

The growth of the e-commerce world in recent years has been exponential and shows no signs of stopping, “forcing” even small and medium-sized enterprises to evaluate investment in new technologies for the packaging of products to be shipped.

The green push on the market is progressing at the same pace; consumers prefer packaging in fully recyclable materials such as paper and easily disposable packaging.

The new technologies offered by the market are therefore developing in this sense and the attention of companies is placed on the different stages of the packaging process:

  • – Picking up the product to be shipped (typically positioned on a conveyor belt
  • The insertion inside the packaging
  • Any placement of protective materials
  • The possible insertion of accessory elements such as documents, coupons, brochures
  • The closing of the packaging
  • Printing or affixing a label with delivery information
  • Release for subsequent sorting and shipping activities

All these activities are designed not only with a “green” perspective, also with an eye to the sustainability of the packaging and shipping cycle to make it a distinctive element of the company.

A system for automatic packaging in paper bags

Companies therefore find themselves in the need to develop or evaluate the purchase of machinery for automatic or semi-automatic packaging, leaving behind the management of these activities which are still too often characterized, even in large entrepreneurial realities, by a labor intensive system.

Specifically for packaging in envelopes, we have studied a solution for the use of environmentally sustainable packaging that automates this process of opening, filling envelopes, labeling and subsequent closing.

The automatic bag management solution consists of these steps:

  • Automatic labeling of the envelope with the shipping address
  • Pneumatic opening of the bag so as to make it available to the operator
  • Filling by the operator with the item to be shipped
  • Automatic closing of the bag thanks to a stitching system
  • Automatic transport of the envelope on the conveyor belt for subsequent sorting

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