Carton packaging machines are used for the creation of a safe and stable protection around different types of products such as cans, food preserves, bottles, folding boxes, rigid packaging, etc.
The packaging solutions we offer are both sophisticated and versatile and allow you to work in a wide range of sectors such as:
Printing and paper – Industrial – Food – Medical and Pharmaceutical.

The packaging process starts from pre-punched and pre-folded corrugated cardboard blanks that are processed by the two types of machines in the range:
the TM 4-tray case packer and the WM 4 wrap-aound packaging machine. Both variants of the machine for cardboard packaging create an envelope around or at the base of the product so as to subsequently allow safe transport of the goods.

Tray and wrap around cardboard packaging machines

Tray and wrap-around cardboard packaging machines from the German company BVM Brunner guarantee an optimal packaging process.
The wide range of feeding and grouping devices allows the safe and delicate processing of folding boxes, cans, jars, bottles and many other products.
The tray and the wrap-around packer process pre-cut corrugated cardboard sheets in a precise and reliable way, filling, gluing and sealing them with ease.

Thanks to the wide range of sizes, we are able to guarantee maximum flexibility and versatility, and the simple format change (which can be automated if necessary) guarantees reproducible settings in a few minutes.

Both types of machines have two important characteristics in common:

– Automatic format adjustment;
– The ability to work in line or at an angle.

Last but not least are the possibility of using sustainable corrugated cardboard packaging made with recycled material that respects the environment and the modular design that allows you to assemble and fill the trays with a wide variety of products and different size.