The Kraus branded carton feeders are able to dispense cartons of different sizes at high speeds and guarantee industrial-level productivity.

They are widely used in the pharmaceutical, paper converting, graphic arts, cosmetic sectors and wherever there is the need to automatically feed products onto production lines.

The range of dough sheeters consists of 3 main solutions which, based on the customer’s needs, can be customized or equipped with accessories to increase efficiency:

  • Joker shorty designed for housing on packaging lines with limited spaces;
  • Joker paper product sheeters, the most versatile model in our range;
  • Joker Servo
    equipped with powerful high speed Servo motor, suitable for special applications and high precision bonding.

A common feature of Kraus peelers for cartons is the ease of integration on the packaging line and the ease of adjustment according to the product to be fed.

The advantages of Kraus carton box feeders

The Kraus range of carton flakers features:

– High productivity
– Easy integration on the packaging line
– Easy and autonomous adjustment after a short training
– Very low maintenance and wear
– Infeed width expandable on request up to 1.050mm

The goal is to make our customers’ production lines more efficient. For this reason, feeders can be equipped with accessories such as:

– Product outlets with length 300 mm / 500 mm and vertical outlets
– Detection of double Electromechanical or ultrasound
– Autoloader from 500 mm to 3,000 mm in 500 mm steps, with or without vertical product loader
– Start-up photo-sensor and product level control
– Signal lamps in different colors or acoustic signals
– Furniture base of your choice, with electric height adjustment
– Vacuum pump or Venturi principle (multiejector)