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Commercial brochure and leaflet printing machines

Commercial printed matter is a collection of products ranging from catalogs and magazines to brochures, flyers and leaflets. Aesthetic value and excellent resolution are two hallmarks, especially when it comes to producing and making business cards, envelopes, letterheads, stamps, invitations, postcards, folders, cards, and cards.

Rotatek machines are ideal for printing these products, ensuring high product quality and the ability to perform additional processing in a single pass.

Experience gained over more than 50 years of technological evolution has led us to offer a range of rotary offset presses for the commercial printing market:
Perfect NT

Features and combinations of commercial printing presses

Rotatek’s high-speed, high-throughput printing presses make them ideal for printing large runs of commercial materials, which in addition to including brochures and leaflets, includes all those high-impact advertising products such as catalogs, magazines, business cards etc.
The ideal configuration for printing this type of product is the combination of offset, flexo, variable data, cold press, UV curing system, web and sheeter.