Film packaging machines for every need

BVM Brunner film packaging machines are able to package almost all products from different product sectors and have a common feature: they pack in film in an extremely reliable and safe way.

Our different types of machines are used for product packaging and can work and process all types of films available on the market, from polyethylene to polyolefin up to PVC films.

The versatility offered by our range meets the needs of our customers operating in the sectors:

The range of film packaging machines

BVM film packaging machines are divided into 4 categories to offer different processes according to needs and products.

Side sealers: thanks to permanent heating sealing systems, all commercially available films, from polyethylene to polyolefin and PVC films, can be processed on this series of machines.

They are distinguished by the high production speed and the side sealing that packages the products in a single operation.
Wrapping Machines: allow the safe packaging of sensitive products of various sizes in film strips which are then shrunk in the downstream shrink tunnel to form a package for transport.

Shrink tunnel: also called hot air shrink ovens, they have the task of shrinking the plastic film coming out of the packaging machines by making the film adhere to the product.

Machines for tubular bags: machines for tubular bags package products semi-automatically or in line with the required envelope shape. The film width is precisely adapted to the respective product.

All manufacturing processes and procedures comply with the latest energy and environmental standards.

Our films are made from 100% pure quality recycled materials or produced 100% on the basis of a renewable raw material, both of which are climate neutral.