Industrial robotics Processing


Industrial robots

The areas of application


In addition to handling and packaging products, industrial robots for intelligent automation under the autonox Robotics brand also deal with some specific processing steps such as cutting.

The versatility of execution is made possible thanks to its wide range of robots which includes::

  • Duopods, particularly suitable for the multiple taking of products and reduction of cycles;
  • Delta from 3 to 5 axes with working area up to 2000 mm and payload up to 50 kg;
  • Anthropomorphic from 3 to 6 axes for the heaviest jobs or in all those cases where particularly large work areas are required.

The ability to choose industrial robots with multiple axes and other handling tools applied to the robot’s wrist also allows you to orient products according to needs and increase the efficiency of the production line.

Very important in the processing of products, especially in the primary, is the cleaning of the robots themselves and their degree of protection.

The Hygienic Design series by autonox Robotics responds very well to the needs of different sectors by offering Duopods and Delta robots with IP69K protection rating and washable at high pressure up to 28 bar.

The advantages of autonox Robotics industrial robotics in processing are:

  • Controller independent robots: the entire automation process can be carried out on a single control platform;
  • Simplified maintenance;
  • Stability: Robotics autonox joints are very robust and cannot be opened during operation;
  • Reliability: guaranteed by the special Autonox Robotics gearboxes for parallel kinematics;
  • Patented internal connections: less wear and increase in performance;
  • Payload: from 0.5 kg to 350 kg;
  • Working area: from 200 mm up to 2257 mm;
  • Presence of additional options to improve performance such as the “ATS” quick release system of the caliper or the shaft for the “TS” system (T-shaft) for a firmer grip.