The importance of variable data marking and coding systems

The packaging of a product is made up of different elements and must be made paying attention to every detail: the phases of labeling and data marking are, for example, two fundamental moments.

To date the technologies are very sophisticated and efficient and it is possible to obtain extremely precise and sharp prints and markings.

The different printing techniques allow you to apply codes and other information on different types of material.

The packaging of food, drugs, cosmetics and much more need to report often variable information about a product, such as the lot number, the production date, the description of the product itself and the weight.

Variable data provides detailed and specific information on production, and therefore the systems we offer are designed and developed to avoid errors in the coding process that could compromise the effective traceability of the products.

Marking and coding products and systems

Blister cards, folded boxes and blister packs for tablets are just some of the products that can be marked with variable data and that are used in various product sectors.

The various Kraus brand variable data marking systems that we offer are always supported by a range of pickers that allow you to singularize and dispense products from a loading warehouse.

After being separated by a feeder in a precise way, the products are printed in the extension of the output during their passage.

The marking can also be carried out on magazines, postcards, envelopes, mailings while the products are transported on a suction belt or a conveyor with porters.

The data is printed on the go using extremely precise DOD or inkjet printers.

Our range consists of:

Marking of boxes
Blister marking solutions
Solutions for marking drug boxes
Address with DOD printer

Each solution is customizable in order to meet the needs of customers and their production lines.