Packaging single-dose sachets in reels


Special solutions

The health emergency has led us to change our consumption and prevention habits; the singularization process and therefore the single-dose packs have become very topical especially in the food sector.

Throughout the collective catering sector (canteens of industrial plants and companies, school canteens, restaurants and bars, transport catering), the glass bottles of oil placed on each table have been replaced in favor of the practical disposable solution.

Even the aromas and sauces in single-dose packs already pre-packaged, have become part of the anti-contagion best practices and our daily routine.

Another essential tool in the current context, in this case much broader and more generalized, are single-dose sachets of gel or sanitizing wipes, a utility that will probably remain an acquired practice even after the current health emergency phase.

The advantages of single-dose packs

The single-dose sachets in addition to having a pleasant visual impact have a whole series of advantages:
– Ease of use by consumers
– Savings from the point of view of the materials used and those of wrapping
– Very small dimensions
– Easy to carry and not bulky
– Preserve the fragrance of packaged products
– They avoid waste especially in the food world

A packaging system that starts from a reel

The products contained in single-dose sachets such as desiccants, personal care products, food can be dispensed on the production lines through a cutting system that starts from the reel. Thanks to the Kraus brand single-dose sachet packaging machines, the continuous strip sachets are unwound and singularized thanks to a cutting system that works at high speed and with great precision.

The continuity of work is guaranteed by the warehouse of this system which guarantees a high charge.