Palletizing, and more generally end-of-line systems, are the final part of a production line and consist in moving and handling products of various kinds such as boxes, bags and many other products of different sizes using efficient and precise machinery. The aim is to complete the production process by transporting the product and making the pallets that must be shipped or stored in the warehouse.

Setting up a pallet requires accuracy of positioning, safety in handling and repeatability of operations. Our range of end-of-line solutions, consisting of articulated robots and palletizing islands, allows you to manage and handle boxes and various products, guaranteeing greater efficiency on production lines and a high level of integration and flexibility.

These end-of-line systems are necessary in both small and large production companies given the considerable advantages such as management efficiency in terms of personnel and reduction of the risks associated with the handling of products with considerable weight.

Our technical department is always available to study the best solution based on the customer’s needs whether it is simpler machines or more complex systems.
To complement the range, we also offer a virtual commissioning service that allows you to find the best robotic sizing in a completely digital way.

Our palletizing systems and end-of-line systems are particularly suitable for carrying out activities of:

Pick & Place: The anthropomorphs are precise, safe, with very high repeatability standards and are all controller independent. Different work areas, payloads and degrees of freedom allow you to manage very different products.

Packaging and palletization: The anthropomorphic robots and above all the Squirrel palletizing islands allow you to handle boxes of different weights and sizes to create pallets in a completely automatic and safe way for the operator.

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