Paper packaging machines

Numerous online commerce companies have set themselves the goal of climate-neutral production in the near future. We at DCM Italy support companies in achieving this goal by offering Papertec 800, an innovative paper wrapping machine that can be used to have a minimal ecological impact.

Fiber-based paper packaging solutions
Your items are packaged in pure kraft paper, without PE coating and without paper waste: perfectly adherent, resistant to moisture and ready for shipment.

The option to reseal the paper packaging can also be added to make the paper packaging machines perfect for online commerce, because customer returns are simply part of the mail order business.

As a packaging material, pure quality paper in addition to being completely recyclable and compostable is much cheaper than cardboard boxes; in addition, a roll of paper takes up less space in the warehouse.

External paper packaging is becoming more and more popular on the market. For products with low requirements, such as simple light protection, pure quality paper packaging is particularly suitable, as it is easily recyclable through the waste paper stream.

The biggest challenge in the use of paper is the required production; fully automated solutions are needed here. The BVM system seems almost revolutionary in this context, because the Papertec 800 adapts the paper packaging to the size of the product to be packaged.

Added to this are new packaging concepts that ensure an even better ecological balance.

The magic word is “single material”. No additional plastic coating of the paper packaging material is required.

The packaging machines and paper packaging machines are ideal for packaging mail order goods and suitable as solutions for a wide range of sectors:
Automotive sector – Print and Paper – Industrial – Medical and Pharmaceutical – Multimedia – Textile – Shipping and E-commerce.