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The importance of serialization of pharmaceutical cartons

The importance of serialization of pharmaceutical cartons
Product serialization is the system that allows you to trace the path of the product throughout the supply chain, from the moment of production to when it is purchased by the consumer.

This coding system has become mandatory in the pharmaceutical world to avoid counterfeiting and in other sectors such as food or cosmetics it is very often required.

Serialization is the process by which a differentiated and unique coding type is assigned to a product which can be:

– The single unit of product (for example a bottle of a drug)
– A multiple pack (for example a carton that contains several bottles of a certain product)
– A box that contains multiple multipacks

The ultimate goal of serialization is to ensure maximum traceability of the product and its components throughout the production chain. This transparency must be guaranteed and visible throughout the distribution chain.

It is clear that today pharmaceutical packaging is increasingly bound to comply with regulations that define on the one hand the safety requirements to be respected, on the other the graphic aspect with the information on the contents to be reported, by law, on the packaging. and on the illustrative prospectus.

Solutions for the serialization of pharmaceutical cartons

It is therefore important to have systems for serializing the cartons that guarantee both production efficiency and control of the coded products.

We also offer customizable solutions for the serialization of products that also allow, through advanced vision systems with one or two cameras, to check the coded products one by one and to discard those that are not suitable.

These solutions, which are easy to integrate and set, use a vision system for checking the code and managing it in the data system. Therefore, if the camera does not read the product as “correct”, a pulse is automatically generated in the waste unit and the defective product is vertically unloaded into a special collection carton.