Single-serving cosmetic food sachets


Friction feeding

Single-serving sachets are an increasingly popular and widely used solution mainly because of the benefits of this choice. Single-serving sachets can come in different sizes and allow a wide variety of products to be packaged: from powdered to granular products, such as yeast, cappuccino, and coffee.
Not only food products, however, single-serving sachets are also increasingly being used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic worlds.

Single-serving sachets are also ideal for packaging denser products, such as sauces or honey in the food industry. In the pharmaceutical sector, however, single-dose packages are suitable for powders as well as liquids, creams, and tablets.

The advantages of using single-serving sachets

Single-serving sachets in addition to having an attractive visual impact have a whole range of advantages:
Ease of use by consumers
– Savings from the perspective of materials used and wrapping materials
– Very small size
– Easy to transport and space-saving
– They preserve the fragrance of packaged products
– They avoid waste especially in the food world

Single-dose sachet feeding solutions

So, the massive increase in the demand for and use of single-serving has led to an exponential increase in the demand for solutions and systems that can quickly and reliably produce and package the different types of packages needed by industrial plants, companies, and all food service and transportation sectors.

Kraus-branded sheeters are perfectly adapted to singling and feeding on production lines, ensuring high cycles/minute.
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