Trays in plastic, polystyrene, paper and other materials require targeted and specific solutions to be fed onto the packaging lines. The classic friction feeding in these circumstances is unable to continuously and efficiently separate the products; then other machines have been designed that perform Pick & Place work for positioning the trays.

Our Kraus and Guk brand pickers for trays allow you to manage, pick up and accurately position all those products that do not have a regular shape.

The systems we offer are characterized by their extreme manageability and their easy use:

These Pick & Place feeding systems are often used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and cosmetic sectors and can be combined with gluing, folding and packaging machines.

The characteristics of the tray pickers

Tray pickers have unique structural and process characteristics:

– Management of irregularly shaped products;
– Separation of products by suction;
– Easy adjustment according to the product to be fed;
– Possibility of integration in the control of the main machine;
– Possibility of combining the systems with gluing, folding and packaging machines.

For the Kraus brand solution, it is also possible to equip accessories to increase the efficiency of the packaging line such a:

– Feed width widening;
– Different suction modes;
– Introduction belt with scales from 500 mm to 3,000 mm in steps of 500 mm, with or without vertical product loader;
– Start-up photocell and product control;
– Signal lamps in different colors or acoustic signals
– Mobile base of your choice, with electric height adjustment

Kraus and Guk solutions are highly customizable according to customer needs and ensure a significant increase in the efficiency and productivity of the packaging lines.