In the packaging lines of industrial plants, the automation process has seen continuous growth in recent years, a trend that has led and leads designers and technical departments of companies, to be faced with the not always easy choice of which robot to include in their technical project.

The evaluation process for choosing a robot

But which robot model to choose from the many available? In order to arrive at the choice of the most functional mechanics for your needs and production goals, it is first necessary to understand how to approach the preliminary stage of the evaluation process.

The indispensable starting point, is undoubtedly to know precisely the task the robot is called upon to perform. While at the qualitative level the task is (almost) always clear, from the quantitative point of view its identification is more complex since (almost) never are the fundamental variables leading to the right assessment known. So let us try to clarify by mentioning the main ones:

  • cyclic requests (often it is not a single value, but a set of values varying according to the format)
  • loads at the wrist, including grippers and related centers of mass;
  • withdrawal and deposit points
  • Grasp, transfer, and release strategies (trajectories)
  • areas of interference

The performance achievable by the robot

Without the analysis of these variables, it will be impossible for any reliable supplier to guarantee high-level performance, especially when it comes to more demanding performance.
Years of experience in the field show that in order to arrive at the optimal choice of the robot to be used, it is necessary to make use of targeted questionnaires that lead on the one hand to as much detail as possible and on the other hand to establish an open dialogue between the customer and the chosen business partner.
It is highly inadvisable, therefore, to opt for vendors who offer you a robotics mechanics solution based on generic data, the choice of which will inevitably lead to a number of problems.

OptimacTM proprietary methodologies.

within the framework of the

OptimacTM proprietary methodologies

has developed for its customers a guided process to support the selection of the right mechanics.

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