According to a survey conducted by Reichelt Elektronik and OnePoll, 46 percent of companies in the manufacturing sector believe that the use of collaborative robotics brings major benefits in terms of industrial competitiveness.

Reliable and affordable industrial robots

Robots and intelligent systems are increasingly being used in manufacturing, with a growing trend driven by continued innovations in intelligent automation solutions and the vast opportunities it offers businesses. Thus, collaborative robotics is now considered more reliable and accessible by small and medium-sized enterprises, which use it 55 percent in manufacturing, 48 percent in material preparation, and 46 percent in warehouse logistics or packaging and wrapping.

Ease of use and versatility of robotics

For robotics to become increasingly integrated into the industrial world, the key factor lies in its positive response to the needs for ease of use, flexibility and versatility expressed by Italian companies. In fact, 39% of respondents said that the ability of industrial robots to be reprogrammed simply and quickly is critical to their development strategies, as is being able to rely on intelligent machinery that is easy to operate and maintain, as well as versatile.

Human-machine collaboration

For 55 percent of the Italian manufacturing companies consulted, human-machine collaboration is crucial, with robots called upon to perform specific tasks within the production cycle. Indeed, the main advantages of collaborative robotics, also known as “cobots,” consists in its flexibility of use since robots are intended to work in synergy with humans by supporting and raising productivity.

Smart manufacturing and advanced intelligent automation solutions

D.C.M. offers the range of industrial robots, from the German company autonox Robotics, consisting of more than 250 models to accomplish almost any type of task such as packaging, processing and handling products of different weights and sizes. The company complements its industrial robotics offering with turnkey robotic solutions, such as the Squirrel collaborative palletizer.

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