Pharmaceutical packaging today is increasingly bound by regulations that define on the one hand the safety requirements to be met, and on the other hand the graphical aspect with the content information that must be provided, by law, on the package and package insert.

Indeed, the purpose of the Italian and European legislation is to enable the proper and informed use of the medicine safe from error and misunderstanding.
As a result, pharmaceutical packaging needs increasing customization and flexibility, having to adapt to the specific needs of products that differ in perishability, exposure to light and/or high temperatures, and shape.

Inspection and rejection systems in pharmaceutical packaging

The lines for

pharmaceutical-type inspection and rejection

enable diagnostics by allowing substandard products to be discarded because, for example, they are smudged or blank. The systems also allow for double-checking, offering the possibility of discarding packages that, for example, have two slips of paper stuck to each other.

The use of video cameras to monitor pharmaceuticals

To enable the control of codes, including serialized codes, it is also possible to integrate vision systems to the lines, which can use one or two cameras and can be combined with a reporting system.
Such solutions, which are easy to integrate and set up, to control the cases, for example, use a

vision system

for code verification and its management in the data system. If the camera then does not read the product as “correct,” a pulse is automatically generated in the rejection unit and the defective product is dumped vertically into a special collection carton.

Guk and Kraus solutions for diagnostics in pharma packaging

The quality of pharmaceutical packaging is therefore of paramount importance today, not only because of the function it performs from a product marketing point of view: packaging carried out with quality materials and in compliance with the relevant applicable legislation in fact guarantees the integrity of the product and the clarity of the information on it.

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