Reducing packaging costs, optimizing, simplifying, and making machinery and processes achieve their maximum performance are unavoidable goals of many industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food.

Mechanics made through the use of autonox robotics.

Farmo Res, a Cervia-based company that supplies thermoforming packaging machines, has integrated into its operating procedure the use of some mechanics made through the use of autonox robotics, for the Italian market distributed by DCM, thanks to which the facilitation of fast manipulations is made possible.

The Prima K7 application

Among the most interesting recent applications is the one adopted for the Prima K7 automatic molding machine, a solution used for the production of PET, PVC and polystyrene trays for the packaging of syringes, vials and bottles, to which a dozen

Delta autonox robotics

. Farmo Res engineers together with the DCM team worked jointly defining the desired sizes to achieve the set production goals.

The range of autonox robotics

Controller independence and the possibility of full integration of autonox robotics solutions, combined withreliability and performanceefficiency, are the prerogatives thanks to which Farmo Res chose the range of robots distributed by DCM. But the most important aspect in the choice of autonox robotics robots was that they were able to make use of mechanics capable of performing their actions by employing the same electronics as the machine, thus without the need to integrate their own control unit and control interface, a feature that makes the Delta series become integral part of the machine.

DCM’s wide range of robotic solutions

The range of autonox robotics has more than 250 models divided between robots

deltas from 3 to 5 axes





, versions in

hygienic design

and other special versions, all independent of the controller and capable of working at any stage of packaging.
Based on the customer’s specific needs, the DCM team can devise custom-designed solutions ideal for those who strive forefficiency, speed and positioning accuracy on their lines.


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