To increase the productivity of industrial lines and be able to offer customers the machines best suited to their needs and new market requirements, packaging and automation machine manufacturers are increasingly focusing on flexibility and customization of their solutions.

ZETAutomation’s automatic end-of-line machines.

ZETAutomation has been manufacturing automatic end-of-line machines, particularly vertical and horizontal case packers, since 2006, while carrying out development, service, maintenance and retrofitting activities.
In order to respond to the new needs dictated by the market and demanded by its customers, starting in 2019 it began to include Autonox Robotics robots distributed by DCM on its custom machines, thus kicking off the collaboration between the two entities that to this day continues fruitfully.

The handling of packages in different modes

To put ZETAutomation before the challenge of the handling of products with robotic systems, was a specific request from a client of being able to handle packages of diapers in different ways, without the limitation of having to decide beforehand whether to arrange them in the packages vertically or horizontally, and especially with the possibility of being able to make changes later.
As confirmed by Sanzio Bastia, of ZETAutomation’s Engineering Department, the choice of the duopod from the range of

Autonox Robotics robots

provides this increased and important flexibility. In fact, the products can be placed according to different conformations: lying down, on their side, upside down… The customer can then choose the mode he or she prefers from time to time.

Installing two-axis robots on already installed machines

The ductility provided by the duopod robots also enabled ZETAutomation to be able to make some modifications to a machine previously bought from a customer, who again needed more flexibility.
Once again, ZETAutomation turned to DCM and its Autonox Robotics-branded duopod: “We were looking for a robot to attach to the ceiling of the machine, and gradually narrowed down our choice when we saw the manipulative capabilities of the two-axis robot, which also offered the possibility of using our motors and software.”

Two-axis robots and end-of-line machines

Flexibility and customization are thus the key words to describe both DCM’s two-axis robots and the customized end-of-line machines offered by ZETAutomation.

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