Is folding a prospectus, more commonly known as a liar, a laughing matter or an art?

Enrico Brignano and the comic piece about the lizard

On Tuesday, April 6, during his Show aired on Rai 2, the famous comedian Enrico Brignano failed to fold the newly opened bugiardino, got nervous and “crumpled” it to the applause of the audience.
Faced with the difficulties of correctly folding the illustrated prospectus on duty, who among us has not thought of doing as the famous comedian did?

The logic of the illustrative prospectus

Light almost transparent paper, small size, barcodes everywhere, in the bulletins many things seem to make no sense and proceeding to fold them also seems an exercise in style without a reason.
Instead, behind the proper creation of illustrative brochures everything is logic, study and research: nothing is left to chance.

The art of bubble folding

In particular, the process of bubble folding is not a simple process, but is a true art.
To achieve proper folding, the paper must be light so that the occupied “volume” is reduced.
It is also important to have a fiber oriented in the right direction; in fact, even paper has a fiber sense, and to understand this, simply try tearing it in two mutually perpendicular directions.

The correct size of pharmaceutical package inserts.

Since drug cases are generally small, the size of the package inserts should be reduced.
In addition, the folds of the bulletins must be extremely precise, otherwise the prospectus would not fit into the pouch during packaging. Since bubble insertion is often done on lines that pack at over 400 pieces per minute, for drugs worth a few euros, in case of inaccuracy a downtime of even a few minutes would have a very high cost for the manufacturing companies.

Why are there barcodes in the bugiardins?

The question is often asked why barcodes are present in the bugiardins. Simple but imperative: an “electronic eye” must always be able to verify that the correct bugiardine is in the case along with the medication.

The right solutions for folding illustrative brochures

Thus, we understood that behind what may appear as a simple illustrative prospectus there is a logic to be followed and an art to be applied.
That’s why, for us at DCM, paper folding is the daily exercise of a passion born almost 50 years ago that is acknowledged daily by our partners.

We are available to help you find the right solution for folding your illustrative brochures.

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