On May 19 and 20, 2021, the Hotel Parchi del Garda Pacengo Conference Center in Lazise (VR) will host the


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supply chain.

Challenges in e-commerce

As part of the 2020 edition of the Global Logistics Summit, DCM President – Alessandro Casiraghi – outlined the e-commerce business development in his talk “The last mile before shipping: challenges and opportunities in e-commerce (and beyond). Increased efficiency and effectiveness offered by automation of order fulfillment activities.”

Increase in online shopping in 2020

With respect to e-commerce, Covid 19 has been and is a real accelerator that has presented companies in Italy with new challenges and opportunities.
According to Netcomm,e-commerce has seen an increase of up to +55% globally in 2020. In Italy as early as May 2020, there had been a growth of more than 2 mln online consumers, of which more than 1.3 mln were attributable to the impact of the health emergency.

Green packaging: an opportunity

As e-commerce grows, so does consumer awareness of packaging, both in terms of ease of opening and environmental impact.
Packaging is also becoming less and less an element of product “presentation” and more and more a technical element of “protection.”
Presenting one’s packaging as “green” also has increasingly significant value today and can be a distinguishing feature against competitors by offering a competitive advantage.

The placing or packing of the product in the packaging

New sales volumes bring with them a quest to optimize goods flows to meet increasingly stringent objectives in terms of cost reduction and lead times.
Thus, management complexity within the warehouse grows as goods move to the last stage, that ofinsertion or packing into the package in which they will be shipped.
The need for packaging automation to both “facilitate” and/or automate the insertion of the product and its accompanying document is also growing as a result.

The new ferment of the green push

The industry is experiencing tremendous turmoil with thepackaging business showing significant margins for automation and offering opportunities for value creation through new models.
The “green” push is far from over: don’t miss out on the increased efficiency and effectiveness offered by automating order fulfillment activities.
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