Internet of Things, virtual reality, robotics and artificial intelligence are profoundly changing the working methodology of production cycles.

If the fourth industrial revolution is changing the world of industries, what is its environmental impact?

Efficient energy management with industrial automation

From the perspective of consumption and emissions, industrial automation makes it possible to manage energy completely efficiently, which brings with it zero waste and inefficiency within production chains.
In fact, thanks to continuous-cycle processing equipped with preventive error control, the automation offered by intelligent systems optimizes not only production but also consumption, reducing emissions and significantly lowering waste.
With the use of artificial intelligence, moreover, human resources can be used for supervisory functions, verification and management of data and facilities.

The conversion of production to a green economy

With the fourth industrial revolution, all conditions are right to enable the conversion of manufacturing to a green economy, set on replenishment from renewable sources, capable of meeting the energy needs and efficiency required by industrial plants with significantly less environmental impact.

Industrial automation as a key to reducing environmental impact

If the automation of industrial cycles has already led to the optimization of production and its optimized management, in a continuous cycle and with maximum precision, the great challenge in the current context is now to limit greenhouse gas emissions and minimize energy consumption, both goals achievable thanks to artificial intelligence that allows for predictable and replicable production processes that cancel out dispersions and malfunctions.
Industrial automation also eliminates errors by allowing emissions to be reduced and resource consumption to be optimized.

Industrial automation in the service of the green economy

Green robotics can offer possibilities to industrial cycles that, using human resources, would involve much more wasteful energy consumption. It makes possible, for example, processing cycles at night and in any temperature, providing much less energy consumption than it would take to create an environment suitable for humans to work in.
Even on the means of loading goods, intelligent robots can move items with zero emission, as opposed to gas-powered machines and forklifts.

Do you want to invest in the green economy?

The technologies and solutions offered by D.C.M., in paper folding as well as automation, have a focus on energy consumption. Thinking for example of the
independent controller robots,
these make it possible to support automation processes while maximizing energy savings.

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