The technological evolution of the solutions offered by companies remains the key to establishing themselves as a benchmark in different industries. Underlying the newly developed technologies are such fundamental elements as: expertise, experience, innovation and passion.

Few players are able to embrace these characteristics, and one of them is definitely the company

Tinarelli Srl

, which since 1988 has been involved in the
design and construction of automatic machines for secondary packaging
for multiple product sectors.
The customized range of solutions features:
cartoners, case packers, end-of-line, wrap-around up to composing complete packaging lines.

Located in Zola Predosa, near Bologna, and led by Maurizio and Elena, Tinarelli Srl is able to offer high-performance, reliable and high-tech packaging solutions, positioning itself today among the international leaders in the sector thanks to its strengths:

  • Experience:
    Providing clients with deep know-how in various fields of application

  • Reliability:
    Taking care of the choice of raw materials by making sure they are of the highest quality

  • Versatility:
    Being able to meet customer demands with maximum flexibility

The Client’s Need

The realization of a new line” – Elena Tinarelli’s words – in addition to corporate know-how and internally, it requires selecting external technology suppliers to achieve an efficient.
The need of Tinarelli Srl was to to feed individually of illustrative in-line sheets to be coupled to blister packs containing lenses contact lenses advancing on a conveyor belt, and then moving on to the cartoning.
“We needed a solution that was flexible and could handle changes quickly., as the sheets to be dispensed were different in both size and thickness.”.
Always according to Elena, “The key elements that lead us to choose a particular supplier are reliability, flexibility, and excellent communication between the technical and commercial departments of the two companies. E’ for this” – she continues – “that we decided once again to rely on DCM.”.

The proposed solution

Backed by countless years of experience in the field
of packaging and v
view of the
customer’s requests, the proposed solution was

friction feeder

born from the need to solve space problems.
io within their lines and to work at sustained speeds up to 150mt/min.

It fits almost all cartoning and packaging machines, which are mainly used in applipharmaceutical applications and provides ease of integration to work at the same speedity of the line on which it is installed.
“We are familiar with these machines, and in the past they have proven to be efficient in part because of the different options they offer,” says Elena. In fact, pn order to provide a moremore complete solution, the Joker Shorty was equipped with a 600mm vertical product magazine and a flying outlet to better dispense booklets on the packaging line.
All Kraus-brand automatic dispensing and conveying systems are suitable for different types of products. These are machines customizable that fit well on packaging lines and are designed for high production levels.
“The testing phase and the training session were conducted excellently; the DCM staff was helpful and guided us through the different stages of design to after-sales,” says Elena.
“This long-lasting collaboration., continues to prove successful e we will turn to DCM again for similar future projects,” he concludes.


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