Macchine piega carta e prospetti
Macchine piega carta e prospetti

The processing and handling of different materials is a complex activity, which requires continuous innovation and evolution of products and excellent quality of raw materials used.

Special attention is paid to all stages of production, especially if they involve, not only different raw materials, but also different types of processing such as printing e The coupling of two different materials.

C.S.P. sas, a historic company in the Turin area, dealing with the production of gloves applied to paper used in the pharmaceutical industry and by hair dye companies since 1973, knows how each production step, from printing the package inserts to coupling and packaging them with gloves, must be carried out with precision, using the best machines and the best performing materials on the market.

The company today is led by Maria Stefania Pavesio and her daughter Francesca, who together with an all-female staff in the production department as well, successfully keep alive an artisan business with 48 years of history.
Over the years, the machines used by the company have evolved and the attitude toward innovation has meant that new materials have been tested, to provide a product with high added value and bring C.S.P. sas to be a leader in its field in Italy today.

The Client’s Need

Downstream of the glove manufacturing operations and coupling with the leaflet, the need to fold the leaflet arose. “We needed to replace our machines and increase the performance of our production cycle,” Maria Stefania Pavesio told us. “This need led us to consult the informational material available to us and carefully consider the Guk-brand paper folding solutions distributed by D.C.M.”
Having always been experts in the art of folding, we at D.C.M. immediately accommodated the customer’s request. Specifically, fold the leaflets from flat so that the applied gloves remained on the inside of the leaflet to preserve its integrity.
It also involved handling small or medium runs, which differed from time to time, and folding the leaflet down to an eighth of its length.

The proposed solution

Guk’s range of machines allows for high-speed folding of leaflets and the ability to handle a variety of formats.
The proposed solution was the adoption of two bending machines
FA36/4 ST II
for small and medium runs, perfectly suited to handle the customer’s formats and achieve the required end product.

Specifically for this project, the machines used make three parallel folds, folding the leaflet back on itself at each pass until its length is reduced to one-eighth the length of the initial product.
“The precision and ease of use of these machines have enabled us to obtain a final product of the highest quality,” Ms. Pavesio tells us with satisfaction-“which can then be harvested and transferred to the next stage of packaging.”
As a result, the proposed solution proved successful and led the client to integrate our solution into his plant.
“D.C.M. was able to meet our needs and followed us at all stages, from design to after-sales,” he continues, “such satisfaction led us to purchase another identical machine months later and to consider them as our main interlocutors in future projects.”


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