The technological revolution we are experiencing has, among its key concepts, harnessing innovations to improve human performance.

Technology provides an opportunity for humans to focus on other value-adding tasks; typically those based on characteristics that are difficult to automate, such as critical and creative thinking and the ability to problem solve.
[Ritorno a capo del testo]Undoubtedly, then, businesses can benefit greatly from human-machine interaction and intelligent collaboration between the two.

When discussing human-machine coexistence, however, one cannot help but raise the question of how to safely set up these new forms of collaboration when the two “actors” are operating in the same work area.

Sensor devices, barriers, and other machinery are critical to ensure the safeguarding of operators and to improve working conditions for warehouse staff while offering greater flexibility.

Collaborative palletizing islands: Squirrel one example of all

To ensure a high standard of safety, for example, when setting up a pallet, new and advanced collaborative palletizing solutions can be used today, which, thanks to the cooperation between man and machine, offer workings in total safety.

is an example of this, thanks to its ability to:

  • offer precise and optimized cobot trajectories always above the conveyor belt or on pallet stations with the robotic arm constantly working on areas where the operator cannot stand
  • provide a fully accessible area without compromising safety with sensors that slow the speed of robots as soon as they detect something in the work area that should not be there, stop machines as soon as they detect obstacles in their path, and stop and retract robots if they make contact
  • Restart the machine immediately, minimizing downtime in case of any issues

A flexible and transportable system

The DCM collaborative palletizing system can be transported from one line to another very easily and in a short time. Thanks also to its adequate ballasting, it can work without being doweled to the floor, ensuring greater efficiency on production lines and a high level of integrability and flexibility.


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