Through a proprietary SYSTEM, developed thanks to years of presence in the market and thanks to specialization, DCM is able to optimize the processes of: production of illustrative brochures, feeding and transport, serialization, labeling, package inspection, product handling and handling.

A Custom Mix

  • Consulting
  • Monitoring
    of the production process
  • Supply of machinery
  • Scheduled assistance
  • Training programs
  • Optimac® Proprietary Methodology.

Current Performance

The growing competitive pressure forces companies that want to stay on the market to continually ask themselves how it is possible to improve their performance, thus putting themselves into question.


The experience gained by DCM is made available to the customer with whom the current status is shared and expectations are defined. In this phase, the “best practices” are analyzed and evaluated, the priority areas of intervention are defined and, where necessary, the related investments.


One of the fundamental steps, both in the case of new investments and optimization of the existing machine park, is to implement an adequate operator training plan; actors of primary importance for the success of the optimization process.


At the same time, the preventive and scheduled maintenance plan of the plants must guarantee the minimization of downtime due to breakages; as well as the decrease in performance and quality due to the wear of wear parts.


Last but not least, the continuous discussion in the technical field, addressed in the maintenance phase and with targeted production assistance meetings, will allow to increase the efficiency of use of the machinery.

Table of Contents

Technical Consultancy

DCM’s commercial success is based on excellent technical advice. The production lines made by the company are increasingly dedicated to special processes and / or unique applications. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, leading companies in their respective reference markets create new patented products every day and obtain unimaginable production yields with standard configurations.

Every single commercial briefing is discussed and defined in close cooperation with the technical department. The result of this process leads to a certain definition of the feasibility of a request and to a configuration that maximizes the cost / benefit ratio of our customer.

Thanks to this process, DCM protects its customers’ investments by always guaranteeing the operation of the lines installed according to the agreed specifications.

The company satisfies both off-site and on-site requests for defining process specifications (such as setting a bend), managing complex start-ups, up to the conception of new bending, feeding and transport and automation processes.


An increasing number of companies need to train their line operators and maintenance workers.

DCM, thanks to its expertise gained with maintenance and retrofit interventions on over 300 packaging lines, offers training courses aimed in particular at line operators, but also for maintenance workers. The courses are taught by qualified DCM personnel. At the end of the course, participants receive a certificate of attendance.

Why do it

Many researches confirm that successful companies are those that continually invest in the training of their human resources, a real critical factor for success in business processes. In addition to a motivational element (“if the company invests in me, it is because I am worth”), specifically DCM with its training courses proposes itself as a structure capable of:
  • Qualify the staff
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase production
  • Exploit all the potential of the machines
  • Improve the quality of the fold

Line Operators

  • Machine functionality
  • Adjustments
  • Production startup management
  • Machine downtime management
  • First level interventions


  • Disassembly and reassembly of the machine
  • Adjustments
  • Emergency management
  • Second-level interventions
  • Coordination with DCM technicians

Preventive maintenance

DCM carries out preventive maintenance service on several hundred production lines every year. The company can boast a renewal rate of maintenance contracts close to 100%, thanks to a simple fact: it is a service that pays for itself, since there is a total disproportion between costs and benefits, in favor of these. last.

This is why those who try preventive maintenance never abandon it.

Discover the exclusive benefits of an annual preventive maintenance contract now.

Maintenance on request

DCM operates throughout the national territory with highly qualified technicians, in scheduled and on-demand interventions.

Installation on packaging lines

DCM carries out the installation of products for folding sheets, feeders and other accessories, on bagging, cartoning, packaging, bottling, end-of-line, folder-glue lines, etc…

Spare parts

The spare parts warehouse, located at the headquarters, is open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 – 12.30 and 13.30 – 17.30 to meet the needs of each customer.
DCM makes deliveries by courier and / or express service for emergencies.

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