In the world of packaging, there is there is increasing talk of sustainable packaging and the adoption of the principles ofecodesign. Let’s find out together what the new trends are and what big companies are working together to achieve their environmental and pollution reduction goals.

Packaging waste and recycling options

Regarding the environmental sustainability of packaging, even today two of the main problems are waste and lack of awareness of recycling opportunities, factors that contribute to increasing the environmental impact of all materials that are used in packaging.
In fact, every object, in order to be environmentally optimized, should be able to fulfill its function by preserving its peculiarities throughout the life cycle in which it is used.
This therefore implies that the material of which it is composed should be able to be recycled and then, at the end of its life cycle, biodegrade extremely quickly.

Large companies’ commitment to packaging recycling

Large companies have made a commitment to arrive, by the five-year period 2025-2030, at making all types of packaging used in their production cycle recyclable, reusable or compostable while also planning to employ a minimum percentage of recycled plastic of 25 percent.
In particular, as revealed in a
report presented by Conai
(National Packaging Consortium), in 2020 Italy emerged as the European country with a record packaging recycling rate of 73 percent.
Italy has thus already met and exceeded by 8 percentage points, the overall recycling target that Europe imposes on its member states by 2025, which is to recycle at least 65 percent of packaging.

Paper and packaging made from seaweed

In the packaging sector, numerous studies are focusing on paper and packaging made from seaweed.
Indeed, forecasts made in this regard estimate that the use of seaweed could increase exponentially in the coming years given especially the different applications the material makes possible for packaging.
According to the
Seaweed for Europe association
, the European seaweed market will touch 9 billion euros by 2030, generating employment of 115,000 workers with the goal of going so far as to produce, in place of plastic, even the barrier coatings used to safeguard food.

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