L’fascinating sector of furniture and of theInterior Design attracts, with ever-increasing strength, a large audience of persoall over the world, who are looking for functionality of product and above all a high aesthetic standard.

Creativity and expertise Italian in this field is known worldwide worldwide. This has led many enterprises to make export and e-commerce levers very important for their business growth.
Lo development of such a large sales network needs a large organization, which can quickly prepare orders in order to be able to deliver the goods in the shortest possible time.

In this scenario, for many companies, speed and flexibility in production and, in particular, in the product packaging stage, become indispensable elements that make a difference. A company from Veneto also thinks so., a leading international manufacturer of doors and components for furniture and furnishings, with whom we have had the pleasure of working often over the years.

Customer’s request

The company approached to DCM to find the best solution for dispensing of two manuals instruction manuals for the assembly, with formed differently (210mm x 297mm and 144mm x 210mm), which once “released” on the product (door panels), they would continue their course on the conveyor belt and, together, they were packed inside a cardboard box. In addition, the fact that the loading station was unsupervised required that the stoppage of a feederactor/dispenser did not result in downtime. Therefore:

  • Managing different formats on the same line
  • Speed of execution
  • Possibility of integrating feeders on existing lines
  • Availability of backup in case of power supply failure

DCM’s proposed solution

After careful analysis, has proposed the integration of 4

friction feeders

Kraus Joker Servo
, adjustable according to the product to be dispensed, Directly on the production line. This choice allows To excellently manage the dispensation Of booklets in different formats single shot with a speed than 30mt/min.
Per greater working autonomy of the line, a precharge store was added on 2 of the 4 feeders (Autoloader) horizontal 1.5 meters placed at 90° Compared with the sense of feeding, To reduce product loading operations by operators.

While 2 additional power supplies were installed, each to serve as backup to the main two with the implementation of a control routine


Le Kraus solutions we offer are multiple and customizable and allow different types of stackable products to be processed and dispensed, as well as to perform special processing such as thelabeling or the

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