Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Min. 100 x 150mm
    Max. 500 x 350mm

  • 60m / min

  • Cycle or continue

  • PLC with suitable interfaces

  • The vacuum surface can be equipped with an electronic height adjuster

the product sheet



The solution allows you to apply addresses in magazines or similar products using a vacuum table and a DOD printer, monitored and programmed through a video-camera system for packaging.


The advantage offered by the solution consists in the short start-up times of the machine and in its modular design, features that make it versatile and economical to use. The printing line, equipped with easily adjustable suction tracks, covers a wide range of formats. DOD printers are also able to handle high resolution printing of paints and delicate surfaces. LED-UV drying also confers relative compactness to the entire unit.

Description and operation

The JoKer mailing friction feeder (product thickness 0-30mm), positioned at the front, feeds the products on a suction belt in complete safety. The products, (e.g. magazines, postcards, envelopes, mailings, etc.) are transported to the DOD printer via a vacuum conveyor, which allows them to remain freely stretched on the conveyors where they can be labeled directly in the desired position. The system then prints the corresponding data through two print heads, one for the addresses and the other for the 2D code. The printed data is then read by a video camera and the control system forms the packets for subsequent collection. The LED-UV dryer is integrated downstream of the camera. The product is then led to the end of the line to be collected and removed manually.

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