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  • autonox Robotics
  • Articulated robots

  • From 3kg to 60kg

  • 1000mm to 2257mm

  • 3 to 6

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Anthropomorphic robots are characterized by their robust structure that simulates the movements of a human arm. Their main characteristics are that of being able to move using up to 6 degrees of freedom and having a very large work area. The anthropomorphic robots of the autonox robotics range are available in versions from 3 to 6 axes, payloads from 3kg to 60kg and work areas ranging from 1000mm to 2257mm.

Like the entire
Autonox Robotics range
, the anthropomorphs are controller independent and can therefore be managed by any external controller, greatly facilitating their use and integration on the production line.

Advantages of anthropomorphic robots

  • The entire automation process can be carried out on a single management platform: the same programming environment for the robot and for all the other automated components of the entire machine
  • Available in 3 to 6 axis versions
  • Nominal load ranging from 3 kg to 60 kg
  • 11 variants currently designed
  • Different workspaces and options
  • Controller independent robots: the entire automation process can be carried out on a single control platform
  • No interface between the different control boards
  • Uniform hardware throughout the machine (motors, inverters, …)
  • Reduction of storage costs
  • Patented internal connections: less wear and increase in performance
  • Stability: the autonox24 joints are very robust and cannot be opened during operation
  • Reliability: guaranteed by special autonox24 gearboxes for parallel kinematics
  • Maintenance: the autonox24 mechanics are almost totally maintenance-free
  • Simplified construction of the machine frame: the motors are located under the anchor plate
  • “Quality “made in Germany”: the mechanics of the autonox24 robots are developed and built 100% in our factory

Customized Design

  • Your company logo on the identification plate
  • Your company logo or the description / name of the robot on the mechanical part
  • Dedicated spare parts list
  • Company specific colors

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