Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Min. 30x50mm
    Max. 60x175mm

  • Up to 150m/min (up to 500 cycles / minute)

  • Integration for scanner, barcode or camera system

the product sheet



The special automatic booklet transport system was developed for the fastest packaging machines.

The solution also allows great autonomy for thick booklets, a feature suitable for faster packaging machines.

The booklets are placed in a tray placed on a belt, which is filled and emptied automatically thanks to a special mimic. The booklets are then transported to the identification area of ​​the friction feeder, where it is possible to feed them directly into the packaging machine thanks to a special extension output from the feeder.


The solution allows to obtain a high autonomy in the presence of a high jerky speed. Thanks to the angle-adjustable transport belt, ergonomic filling is guaranteed for the operator even with different product sizes. The transport belt is hooked to the feeder and, thanks to its self-supporting structure, access to the packaging machine is guaranteed under the booklet feed. Even the empty trays are disposed of automatically, so that the operator only has to worry about removing the full trays from the conveyor belt. No additional format accessories are required for the different booklets in the various and specific formats.

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