Technical Data

  • Guk
  • FA35 / 43

  • Entrance light 36 or 43cm
    From 2 to 12 pockets

  • Max.130m / min

  • Min.105x145mm
    Max. 350 / 430x 420mm
    Opt 350 / 430x650mm

the product sheet


Variable series designed for the light paper of the pharmaceutical industry

The FA 35 automatic paper folding machine and its FA 43 version with greater light make up the “variable” series, compact and suitable for a wide range of types of work.

This type of machine is characterized by a construction system that makes it possible to install it in different variants and with additional equipped options, such as sheet feeders or a gluing unit.

The variable series specializes in the treatment of thin and light paper and is used in the pharmaceutical industry which requires very high performance and very low downtime.

The FA 35 and FA 43 folding machines can realize multiple types of paper folds, both simple, such as:
quarter fold
sestino fold
eighth fold
zigzag fold

Both are more complex like
window fold
tagsert with label
pocked parallel fold

Variable series automatic paper folding machine and options

In order to increase performance and expand the type of processing, a wide range of options has been designed for the FA35 / 43 variable automatic paper folder, including:

– SVA or high pile FL2 feeder
– Folding knife EK 300 to be combined with the feeder
– Gluing unit
– Cutting devices
– Creasing devices

The different combinations between bending machine and accessories allow the variable series to meet the different needs of customers


  • Automatic suction drum for paper 30-130gr / m2
  • Solid structure, stable blade holder shaft
  • Available in versions from 4 to 12 pockets with a minimum fold of 15mm
  • Helical gears for silent and powerful motorization
  • Maximum constant performance thanks to the sheet gripping from below
  • Combined steel / rubber folding rollers
  • Height-adjustable separation head to ensure free access to the battery charging surface
  • Motorization is silent and synchronized.

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