Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Blister marking solutions

  • Min. 30x 60mm
    Max. 200 x 150mm

  • 60m / min

  • Cycle or continue

  • Adequate PLC interfaces

the product sheet


Blister marking solutions and their advantages

The pharmaceutical product packaging process consists of several stages and one of the most important is the marking of blister packs that contain pills or tablets.
The system we offer was developed so that the packages were encoded directly in the extension of the output through the use of an inkjet system.

The advantage offered by the solution consists in the short start-up times of the machine and in its modular design, features that make it versatile and economical to use.

The blister packs for tablets are printed during their travel in the separate extension of the picker, where different printing and label systems can be used.
The blister pack can be printed both on the tablet side and on that of the aluminum sheet.
The printed blister packs are then transferred to a conveyor part where the products are respectively collected.

The number of units per crop can be set using the control system, which ensures that collections can be easily removed.
The formats that can be processed range from a minimum of 30 × 60 mm to a maximum of 200 × 150 mm with printing speeds up to 60m / min.

Description and operation of the blister marking system

The blister packs for tablets are positioned on the feeder scale belt.

The solution also allows for online transfer from another machine positioned upstream. A special separator then divides the blister packs of tablets from above or below, with the possibility of sliding in both directions.

The blister packs are printed during their passage in the outgoing extension and then transferred to a portion of the conveyor from which they can be picked up manually. If the blister packs are not removed, a level detection sensor automatically stops the machine when the conveyor is full.

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