Technical Data

  • Guk
  • FA51

  • Processing width: min. 105x145mm max. 510x580mm
    From 2 to 12 pockets

  • 30,000 sheets / hour depending on the format

  • Pocket 1 min. 26mm max. 440mm
    From the pocket 2 min. 18mm max. 330mm

the product sheet


Pocket folder for medium-run jobs

The new FA 51 pocket folder is part of the booklet folding machines to perform the most diverse folding processes.

This machine is a fully automatic high yield solution for sheets up to 510x850mm (20 ”x34”).

Equipped with a high-speed high stack feeder with integrated separation head, it offers precise stacking upwards thanks to its electric lifter.
The easy use of the various system components helps reduce start-up times.

The FA 51 bending machine can perform multiple types of bends, both simple, such as:

quarter fold
sestino fold
eighth fold
parallel zig-zag fold.

Both are more complex like:
Cross fold
Tagsert with label
Pocketed parallel fold

High speed booklet folders

The FA 51 machine of the booklet folder family is equipped with touch-screen control with an integrated network system to allow the use of the various functions and total control of the production cycle.

It is a solution widely used in the graphic arts and bookbinding, paper converting and pharmaceutical subcontracting sectors and thanks to its simple and intuitive controls it is possible to set the main functions.

The fully automated setup offers the ability to recall previously stored jobs.
Its structure is solid and stable, like all the related components of folding and storing.

The Station II can be connected to the booklet folding machines for more complex processes, equipped with an electric lateral square for precise and reliable positioning.

The scaled exit is integrated and the pockets offer built-in and easily removable diverters.


  • Pockets and roller distance adjustment with electric setting
  • Possibility to memorize the type of fold
  • Optimized soundproofing for a silent process
  • Work setting by means of electrical adjustments
  • Precise folding unit, equipped with combined steel / rubber rollers

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