Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Min. 100 x 30mm
    Max. 320 x 350mm

  • 80m /min

  • Keep on

  • PLC updated and complete with suitable interfaces

  • Dynamic Servo motor in the power supply and in the booklet module

  • Sensor and wiring system with use of central socket
    Error display on the touch-screen display

the product sheet



The solution allows synchronized feeding of booklets with a precise angle into the machine for printing labels and laminated labels.


Thanks to the short start-up times and the modular design, the machine can be used for small or medium-sized jobs, ensuring cost optimization.

By means of modern control engineering, the solution allows to achieve high precision even at high speeds, minimizing separation intervals. With the innovative belt tensioning system, the lengths of the belt can be adjusted (1410mm – 1600mm), with the intervals that can then be selected according to the respective booklets.

Description and operation

The booklets are inserted into the vertical magazine of the Servo feeder which feeds the products from the front in a continuous and reliable manner to the conveyor belt with stop stops (booklet module). The products (booklets, lenticular or blank sheets, etc.) are then angularly aligned precisely. The separation of the belts with stop stops is adjusted according to the length of the product. The innovative belt tensioning system allows an interval for all separations. The conveyor belt with stop stops is equipped with a front cut transfer system that allows the products to be accurately transferred to the conveyor system. A product detection sensor or a video camera for checking the booklet can be applied to the conveyor belt with stop stops. Finishing processes with inkjet or Braille printing are also possible.

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