Technical Data

  • Rotatek
  • 150m / min.

  • 12,000 cycles / hour

  • 4,050 m² / hour

  • 1,680 m² / hour - 2,160 m² / hour - with max. advance of 400 mm

  • 320 mm - 420 mm

  • 350 mm - 450 mm

  • 150 mm

  • Varies between 13" and 25"

  • Variable between 200 mm - 400 mm

  • 0.15 mm / 0.20 mm

  • 1.05 mm adhesive

  • 3 mm (with adhesive blanket cylinders)

  • 70 mm, 3" or 6"

  • 1,000 mm

  • Paper, self-adhesive, textured paper, cardboard, PVC, polyester. (thickness and other materials on request)

the product sheet


Products: self-adhesive labels, shrink labels, paper,
aluminum, laminated tubes

Brava printers are the only offset presses on the market capable of in-line printing, offering both web handling systems for infinite repetitions: semi-rotating system for small and medium runs and fully rotating system for long runs.

The semi-rotary system allows you to change the repetitions completely automatically from the touch screen panel of the machine, it is not necessary to change the format of the cylinder or use tools, which is essential for small runs in order to keep labor costs to a minimum.

Thanks to the latest servo technology (independent motors) and its modular concept, Brava offers absolute flexibility and a combination of many printing, finishing and in-line processes (offset, flexo, hot stamping, embossing, screen printing, lamination for stamping). cold) and gives the printer a product with high added value.

The servo-driven machine is completely controlled and motorized by the main control desk and the printer has the possibility to achieve maximum reliability in the print quality and obtain constant results, even for repeated orders thanks to:

  • A complete and integrated system with register control;
  • An automatic inking system;
  • A video inspection system.

In addition, the ability to store printed jobs, to preset the press allowing for short set-ups and very low waste, together with the ability to automatically manage color matching from Cip4, are other main advantages of Brava.

Remote diagnostic control assistance is standard on all Rotatek printing machines.

Optional units

  • Offset unit
  • Flexographic units
  • Screen printing
  • Hot stamping
  • Cold press
  • Embossing
  • Die-cutting unit
  • Printing on the back and adhesive sides
  • UV Lamination
  • Variable inkjet data
  • Peel and close
  • Flat sheet printing
  • Flatbed screen printing
  • Flat-base embossing
  • UV dryers
  • Motorized ink control system
  • Automatic log check
  • Video camera
  • 100% total inspection
  • Cooling rollers
  • Crown treatment

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