Technical Data

  • Guk
  • Cartonac 2000

  • 215mm width, 4 or 6 fold pockets

  • Max. 500 / min (size 320mm)
    Max. 200 / min (size 600mm)

  • (LxL) min. 60x90mm
    Tip. 160x320mm
    Max. 215x600mm

  • Pinion or pulley with motion taken by the packaging machine, or with its own servomotor

  • 1 extended pocket, stainless steel casing, roller adjustment with digital clocks on its base

  • FA 21/4 CARTONAC 2000-2
    FA 21/6 CARTONAC 2000-2
    FA 21/4 S2 CARTONAC 2000-2
    FA 21/6 S2 CARTONAC 2000-2

the product sheet


Folder for in-line assembly on packaging machines for high-speed production

The leaflet is one of the key elements in the packaging of pharmaceutical products and beyond.
Leaflet folding machines require very high performance, a compact layout and extreme folding precision.

The possibility of being assembled in line strongly characterizes this family of machines which includes the new generation Cartonac 2000 solution for folding illustrative brochures, which offers the guarantee of the Cartonac system that has been on the market for years combined with the new technical solutions developed.

This type of machine is suitable for bending work in one direction only (cross bending is not possible) for the creation, for example, of leaflet-folded elevations, quarter-folded elevations or .

This type of solution is particularly suitable for high-speed production, especially in the pharmaceutical sector and for double and triple prospects.

Leaflet folding machines and their integration

Thanks to its small size, the Cartonac 2000 series can be combined with any packaging machine.

The solutions of the folding machine family for leaflets are always supplied ready for installation and can be easily installed online with just a few steps.

The machine guarantees reduced preparation times thanks to the quick adjustment of the rollers using paper strips or digital clocks and the simple format change with the installation of optional electric folding pockets with 99 adjustment points.


  • Exact separation of the sheets by means of a vacuum roller
  • Predisposition for code reader
  • Quick roller adjustment, loading surface available lengths 450 / 600mm
  • Reject device (opt)
  • Format optimization with ratio change (opt)
  • Pair of trees for port creasing
  • Combined steel / rubber bending rollers (self-cleaning effect)
  • Code reader with reject device (opt)
  • Base with its own transmission and own control (S2) (opt)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Paper weight 40-80gr

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