Technical Data

  • Guk
  • Folding mechanism
    Entrance width 215mm, 4 or 6 folding pockets

  • Max. 300 with format length up to 450mm
    Max. 200 with format length up to 600mm

  • (LxL) min. 60x90 mm
    Tip. 175x450 mm
    Max. 215x600 mm
    Minimum finished size: 60x15mm

  • Power drive directly from the host packaging machine

  • Feed table 450 mm (optional 600 mm)
    1 extended folding pocket, all-around V2A covers

  • FA 21/4 or FA 21/6 CARTONAC 2005
    FA 21/4 or FA 21/6 CARTONAC 2005 (Touch-Control)

the product sheet


Leaflet folder

TThanks to its small size, the Cartonac 2005 series can be easily integrated into the packaging lines.

The drive and power supply are integrated with the host machine.
The machine, delivered ready for installation, offers perfect accessibility and a short setup time thanks to the quick and easy adjustment of the rollers.

The minimum size is 60 x 15mm.


  • Segmented control of the nozzles on the air conveyor table
  • Exact separation of the sheets by rubber roller
  • Reading section for reading the code
  • Quick roller adjustment
  • Adjustable paper stack edge pre-tension
  • Optimized for processing multilayer paper
  • Combined steel and rubber roller
  • Ejection device with code reading unit (opt.)
  • Touch-Control for automatic roll and pocket settings (opt.)
  • Easy to maintain thanks to the external guide
  • Direct drive from the host packaging machine

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