Technical Data

  • Guk
  • Entrance width 210 or 350mm, 4 or 6 folding pockets

  • Max. 300 / min. with a format length up to 320mm
    Max. 120 / min. with a format length greater than 320mm

  • Min. (LxW): 60 x 90mm
    Tip. (LxW): 160 x 320mm
    Max. (LxW): 350 x 650mm

  • Power System Drive. Chain or toothed belt from the packaging machine

  • 1 extended folding pocket, 450/575 / 600mm stacking table, V2A cover, etc.

  • FA 21/4 SVA / 21 CARTONAC 91
    FA 21/6 SVA / 21 CARTONAC 91
    FA 35/4 SVA / 21 CARTONAC 91
    FA 35/6 SVA / 21 CARTONAC 91

the product sheet


Packaging line machine

The Cartonac 91 solution guarantees easy installation for case packers in the packaging sector.

Compactness, precision and reliability are its main features.
Thousands of users have relied on this machine for decades thanks to the safety of its continuous operation.


The Cartonac 91 machine offers a wide range of options and adjustments to satisfy every customer request.

It is available with different drives and transmissions and can be installed or updated on almost all packaging lines.

Low maintenance and reliability are its strengths.


  • Picking up the sheets from below
  • Code reading (opt.)
  • Exact roller adjustment
  • Completely maintenance-free rollers
  • Transfer belts (opt.)
  • Combination of steel and rubber rollers
  • Stackable table 450/575 / 650mm (opt.)
  • V2A execution (opt.)
  • Ejection device upon code reading (opt.)
  • Engraving shafts on delivery (opt.)
  • Minimum final size 60 x 15mm
  • 40-80gr paper

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