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Marking cases and boxes: the advantages offered by the system

Our coding and marking system for Kraus branded products deals with marking cases, printed or folded boxes and similar products, directly in the picker.
It is a solution widely used especially in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors as well as in the paper industry.

The advantage offered by the system consists in the fact that the product is spread already separated in the extension of the exit of the picker. Using inkjet printing, a labeling machine, a thermal decal printer or a similar finishing system, the finishing itself can be accomplished in-line in the special output of the carton peeler, which, as a standalone module, transports directly to the production machine or off-line. The entire system can be used as a mobile unit, saving space and optimizing costs thanks to quick start-up times.

Description and operation of the carton marking system

The supplied picker separates the blister cards or boxes which are carefully folded.
The product is printed during its passage from an inkjet printer in the extension of the output, specifically designed for the direct integration of a series of inkjet printers.
The labeling of the product, in any position, is made possible by the separate upper belt, therefore without the need to implement a vacuum conveyor to the solution.
The printed product is then transferred to a collection element or a scaled exit, from where it can be removed manually.
With the variable data marking solution it is possible to achieve an economical finishing of the product, offline and in an extremely simple way.

Integrations to the marking and coding system

In order to offer an alternative to the customer and to meet different needs, the solution allows the integration of video camera or labeling systems in place of the inkjet or scanner system.

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