Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Length 40-200mm
    Width 40-150mm
    Other formats on request

  • 200 strokes / minute with medium formats

  • Keep on

  • SPS with related interfaces

  • Integrated

  • Code recognition camera
    Sensors / camera for presence control and label positioning

  • Possible integration with back-up feeding labeling system
    Automatic stacking

the product sheet



The solution allows the application of closing labels on folded products at high speed. The Collator can be mounted directly behind a folder and can pick up folded products in line. Thanks to its sophisticated acquisition system, the system avoids skipping folded products not yet glued. Speeds over 200 strokes / min can be reached.


Thanks to the special acquisition system equipped with upper and lower belts, the folded products are picked up without opening them. The acquisition system is easily adjusted in height and can thus be combined with bending machines from different manufacturers. Thanks to the high speed, the bending machine can be controlled ensuring maximum performance. The special label flattening procedure allows to obtain a tight pack without damaging the booklets. Finally, the camera, the label presence control and the integrated drain guarantee maximum safety of pharma products.

Operation description

The Collator acquisition belt picks up the product directly from the folder and conveys it on a single bar belt. Here the products are directed and transported precisely thanks to the drag system. The closing label is then applied to the folded product during the run. Then, thanks to special sensors or cameras, the presence and exact position of the label is checked. In case of non-compliance, the product is automatically rejected. The special closing plates lead the labels to the edge of the product to be pressed, in order to present a perfect package at the exit.

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