Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Min. 30 x 45mm
    Max. 150 x 150mm
    Other formats on request

  • 200 strokes / minute with medium formats

  • Continuous motorization

  • SPS board with related interfaces

  • 2-4 power supply stations
    Integrated drain device
    Vision system with camera for code recognition
    2 labeling systems

  • Cold or hot glue system (Piggyback)
    Automatic stacking system

the product sheet



The solution allows the collection of different types of booklets, flyers or similar products with subsequent lateral closing labeling. The collator with label packaging is mainly used when products in different languages ​​are to be collected.


Thanks to the ingenious transport system, it is possible to obtain a well-stretched side labeling even on thick outserts. Precise guidance and corresponding setting options ensure that the product stack is precisely aligned. The labels are positioned on the edge of the product in order to stick perfectly to the product pile, finally sealing it thanks to the C-shaped closure. After each feeder, the product is checked by the camera to be led, with a completely reliable process, to the end of the line. by means of the register transport and the integrated unloading device.

Description and Operation

The feeders dispense booklets reliably on a carrier belt of the Collator itself. After each power supply, the product code is checked by the corresponding vision system. The pile of collected products is then moved to the labeling section and equipped, during the run, with a label on the right and one on the left respectively applied in the direction of the run. With the special sealing plates the labels are then positioned on the edges of the product and pressed, in order to deliver a perfect package at the exit.

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