Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Min. 100 x 150mm
    Max. 100 x 350mm

  • 120 cycles/min with A4 size

  • Cycle or continue

  • PLC with suitable interfaces

  • 3-4 power supplies, expandable almost without limitations

the product sheet



The solution allows the collection of various products and their online transfer to the wrapping machine for packaging.


The short machine start-up times and the modular design make the line versatile and economical in use. The continuous conveyor line can be extended and equipped with multiple feeders and complementary production machines (such as labeling machines). Thanks to the special structure, the 2nd station power supply can be moved to any desired position on the line.

Special structure for online

The sturdy design of the feeder allows you to lift it laterally and push it, like a labeller, over the collection system, a feature that offers a further range of possibilities for other processing machines.
The structure is also available in the electric version with adjustable height.

Description and operation

The JoKer drop feeder, positioned at the front, feeds the products (folded boxes, printed products, books, magazines and other flat products) reliably on the collection conveyor with stop stops. The items are precisely aligned with respect to the set angle. The collection system can work both in cycles and continuously. A sheet with the address is fed into the magazine by the JoKer friction feeder of the 2nd station.

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