Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • 60m/min. with printing process

  • 0 - 20mm

  • Min. 85 x 54mm
    Max. 210 x 300mm

  • SPS board with adequate pitch adjustment

the product sheet



With the combination system between printer and labeling machine, the products are separated, labeled and, immediately after, the label is printed with ink jet.


With the special separation and transport systems it is also possible to process folded cardboard samples and it is also possible to customize small samples. The use of the machine is as simple as setting the format. Thanks to the combination of the labeller and the ink jet, an identification mark can be placed on any surface regardless of the printing process.

Operation description

The products are placed on the conveyor system and are separated precisely by means of a special separation system. A conveyor belt consisting of an upper and a lower belt then feeds the product and directs it horizontally. Using a labeling machine, the self-adhesive label is applied, which is then overprinted by an inkjet system. With a second printing cycle, other information can be printed on the label, for example a code (QR, Datamatrix, Barcode, etc.) or a logo. The printed products are then fed onto the output belt to be picked up.

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