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The RLE model is the result of a careful analysis to reduce the footprint on a production line.
Available in 3 or 4 axis versions, payload up to 6kg and working area up to 1200mm, this model gives designers the possibility to position robots in close proximity thanks to the asymmetrical layout of the motors and the special gearboxes, which allow to maintain between the axes the angle of 120 degrees with a constant center distance between the robots and a minimum overlapping of the work areas, guaranteeing a considerable saving of the overall dimensions of the line.
The RLE model robots are controller independent and can therefore be managed by any external controller, considerably facilitating their integration even on existing lines.


  • Possibility of close positioning thanks to the asymmetrical layout of the motors and specific gearboxes
  • Maximum rigidity of the support to the gripping system (the 120 ° arrangement of the arms remains unchanged)
  • High performance
  • Constant center distance between robots
  • Minimal overlap of work areas


  • The entire automation process can be carried out on a single management platform: the same programming environment for the robot and for all the other automated components of the entire machine
  • No interface between the different control boards
  • Uniform hardware throughout the machine (motors, inverters, …)
  • Reduction of storage costs
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Controller independent robots: the entire automation process can be carried out on a single control platform
  • Patented internal connections: less wear and increase in performance
  • Stability: the robotics autonox joints are very robust and cannot be opened during exercise
  • Reliability: guaranteed by the special autonox robotics gearboxes for parallel kinematics
  • Maintenance: the autonox robotics mechanics are almost totally maintenance-free
  • Simplified construction of the machine frame: the motors are located under the anchor plate
  • “Made in Germany” quality: the mechanics of autonox robotics robots are developed and built 100% within the factory
  • ‘ATS’ Quick Release System

Customized Design

  • Your company logo on the identification plate
  • Your company logo or the description / name of the robot on the mechanical part
  • Dedicated spare parts list
  • Company specific colors

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