Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Marking systems for drug boxes

  • Min. 80 x 120mm
    Max. 500 x 350mm

  • 60m / min

  • Continuous or jerky

  • SPS with its interface

  • The solution allows the integration of accessories such as control systems with video cameras or scanners with automatic rejection

the product sheet



Feeding of folded boxes on a compact conveyor belt with flights and subsequent printing. The products are angularly aligned precisely on the bell conveyor belt and can thus be marked exactly.


The products to be marked are angularly aligned absolutely precisely thanks to the conveyor belt with flaps and can therefore be marked exactly. For small productions and performances it is undoubtedly an interesting system from an economic point of view. Thanks to the 90 ° feeding it is also possible to safely feed and process even the folded boxes using automatic shelves.

Description and operation

The JoKer friction feeder, positioned at 90 ° with respect to the conveyor belt with flights, safely feeds the products directly onto the belt. Here the products (folded boxes, postcards, envelopes, mailings, etc.) are then transported by the porter belt. Thanks to the system’s tracks, the product is first braked and then transported by the porters, thus ensuring the exact positioning of the porters as well as the exact angular alignment. Thanks to the inkjet system, the products are then marked on the run. Afterwards, the printed products can be delivered on a scaled exit or in a collection apparatus.

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