Technical Data

  • Guk
  • Entrance light 53cm
    12,14,16 or 18 fold pockets
    Station II: 2 or 4 fold pockets

  • Max.130m / min
    Typ. 100m / min

  • Min.210x290mm
    Typ. 480x630mm
    Station II: max. 350x5

  • Single / double / triple MV 11 folding knife group

the product sheet


Machine with single, double or triple knife for the production of closed flap outserts

The FA 53 solution guarantees the production of patented VIJUK RTA outserts with more than 1100 panels on a sheet and a folded and finished format of just 35 × 35 mm as a packet insert with a conspicuous information content.


  • Automatic sheet ejection device in case of error
  • Water creasing to eliminate any tension on the final product (opt)
  • Sheet control and monitoring thanks to 2 incoming cameras (opt)
  • Folding pockets combined with digital setting
  • Automatic roller adjustment
  • Servo controlled folding group knife (MV 11 single / double / triple)
  • Optical inspection of the spread and / or finished product with side dancers 8opz

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