Technical Data

  • Guk
  • 54, 74 and 82cm, from 4 to 8 folding pockets 1-2 folding knives, with the option of a folding pocket in the cross folding unit

  • Max. 200m / mim

  • Min. 210x297mm
    Max. 540 / 740x1040mm / 1400(R6)
    Max. 820x1400 (R6)

the product sheet


Folding stations combinable with feeder

Possibility of configuring a folding system up to 3 pocket units thanks to the combination in line or at right angles.


Robust configuration with combined folding pockets and quick roller adjustment. Alignment of products on the roller conveyor during transfer. Control panel supplied for each station.


  • Rotary or high pile feeder
  • Station 2 and 3 with entrance opening 54cm, on base with wheels
  • Optional ZK knife folding unit: adaptable
  • As optional: folding pocket electronic adjustment with the possibility of memorizing the types of folds for each single station
  • Continuous bobbin feeding and cutting (54)

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