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  • The control system can manage a hot glue machine with up to 2 gluing heads on board, thus no longer making it necessary to invest in an additional gluing machine

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The robust and one-sided design of the system makes it possible to position the feeder exactly on each folder / glue machine. The extension of the “flying” output disturbs the upper belts of the FKM only minimally and the feeder can be used flexibly by feeding each section of the folding module.


The lateral support of the feeder allows the correct positioning of the same in a lateral position thanks to a manual handwheel that facilitates its use. The high quality of the linear guide allows for precise positioning and also, thanks to the use of a second manual handwheel, it is possible to adjust the angle of the feeder. By means of the small product packaging, even the smallest bags (30x40mm) can be separated precisely.

Special online structure

The power supply module can be used in any position of the existing machine to which it must be integrated, thus prefiguring a further series of possibilities for other processing machines.

The structure can be equipped with a simple or programmable control system mounted on the electric lifting columns, where 6 positions can be programmed. By simply pressing a button it can also be returned to the programmed position.

The entire unit is mobile and can be easily combined with multiple machines. Thanks to the use of a cable cover, the unit is also well positioned and tidy.

The feeder is equipped with a separator suitable especially for small products such as inserts and leaflets. The easy adjustment and the short start-up time of the machine allow a rational and economical use, while the new control technology guarantees an unrivaled feeding precision even at high speeds, a peculiarity made possible by its mechanical characteristics.

The color touch-screen can be used without difficulty in setting and managing parameters even by inexperienced operators.

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