Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Min. 100 x 150mm
    Max. 500 x 350mm

  • 60m / min

  • Cycle or continue

  • PLC with suitable interfaces

the product sheet



The solution allows the feeding of folded cartons on a compact conveyor with stops. The products are aligned with respect to the required angle and can be labeled or printed precisely.


The conveyor with stops provides the angle to the carton sections to allow labeling with an extremely high degree of precision for a perfect result.

Operation description

The JoKer friction feeder, positioned on the front side, reliably feeds the products onto the conveyor with stops. The products (folded boxes, postcards, envelopes, mailings, etc.) are transported by the conveyor with stop stops. The belt tracks stop the product with the stops and transport it to ensure that the product remains stretched and stationary against the stop stops and perfectly aligned with respect to the required angle. The product is then printed with a continuous ink jet system

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